JCR Round Up – 15th November 2014

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  • November 17, 2014
  1. Film Night is back! 9pm TONIGHT
  2. Your new Wolfie Rep
  3. JCR Charity Pub Quiz
  4. Upgrading the JCR owned bikes
  5. 100 Free tubs of Ben & Jerry’s for Girton
  6. Yearbook Update
  7. DBS Checks will be done in Girton
  8. Meet your new JCR Committee

1. Film night

Film night is back, tonight at 9pm in the JCR. Free snacks will be given out! Bring your duvets and get comfortable.

Bea (the new JCR Events & Societies Officer) will be running it. The film shall be picked at 9pm.

2. Wolfie Rep

For those undergraduates living at Wolfie, if you ever have any comments or issues about Wolfie that you want the JCR Committee to work on, Sandip (also JCR International Rep) will be your new JCR Wolfie Rep to represent your views to College and the MCR Committee.

Send any comments to Sandip: sb983@cam.ac.uk

3. JCR Charity Pub Quiz

The second pub quiz of the term will be hosted in the bar on Wednesday 19th November at 8pm. It’s not ALL about obscure knowledge so there’s opportunity for every team to win the CASH PRIZE.

£1 entry per person and the rest of the money raised this time round will go to the Royal British Legion.

4. Upgrading the JCR owned bikes

Kane (the new JCR Bike Rep) is looking into repairing and replacing the JCR owned bikes. More updates to follow.

Contact: jcr-bike@girton.cam.ac.uk

5. 100 Free tubs of Ben & Jerry’s for Girton

Girton (17%) is currently second behind Newnham College (33%).

The College that gets the highest % of their students completing the quiz by 19th November wins 100 tubs of Ben & Jerry’s!

Help Girton win a massive delivery of Ben & Jerry’s by completing the Student Switch Off Climate Change quiz: www.facebook.com/CambridgeSSO/app_350148035060030.

6. Yearbook Update

Bunny, Ellie, and Sam are currently organizing the making of a Girton 2015 leavers’ yearbook for final year students.

Look out for more updates soon!

7. DBS Checks will be done in Girton

Sheanna (the new JCR Access & Academic Officer) is arranging for CUSU to come to College so that people can get their DBS checks for the Shadowing Scheme done in Girton.

If you want to get your DBS check, contact Sheanna: jcr-academic@girton.cam.ac.uk

8. Meet your new JCR Committee

Find out more about your newly elected JCR Committee on our Girton JCR website.


All JCR Committee information will still be circulated by email, but follow us on Facebook for regular updates and comments: https://www.facebook.com/GirtonJCR.

Any other comments, suggestions or feedback, please email jcr-president@girton.cam.ac.uk.

Vincent, JCR President

Where are the breaks? — http://media.giphy.com/media/5xaOcLIQATA9PiMDMis/giphy.gif

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