Women at Girton

Girton College was the first place in Cambridge women were allowed to study when it was founded in 1869 (although it wasn’t until 1948 that its students were actually able to leave with an official degree from the university) and as such it has a very special place in the history of female emancipation. Although men have formed 50% of the student body since 1977, the college retains the tradition of having a Mistress. Its status as the brainchild of renowned social reformer Barbara Bodichon and seat of learning for innumerable distinguished women for nearly one hundred and fifty years makes Girton a unique and inspiring place to study for men and women alike.

CUSU Women’s – What They Do and How to Get Involved

The Women’s Campaign is part of the central Cambridge University Students’ Union (CUSU) network and thus the duties of the women’s officer tend to be more ‘centralised’ than others on the JCR committee, although promotion of CUSU Women’s Events within college and making sure resources for women are available in college are also vital. Women’s Forum, a discussion group for women’s officers and interested parties to come together and discuss issues around campaigns and collegiate problems, is held fortnightly – any specifically gender-related issues female students in college have can be taken up by their representative here and addressed by the Campaign. Getting involved in the Women’s Campaign is fun and flexible – if you’re interested you can just turn up and be part of as much or as little as you like.

Useful Links and Contacts

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