Access and Academic Officer

I’m the JCR representative of student academic needs to College. I sit on Library Committee and have access to CUSU resources to help students with learning techniques, work stress and academic difficulties.

If you’re having trouble with your work you can talk to your Tutor, your DoS or me. Whilst I’m another student like you I can help you access information on help from the University, CUSU and College – such as the College’s academic fund. You can apply to the academic fund for help covering additional rent costs etc. incurred by your course or relevant work experience by obtaining a form from the Tutorial Office (on the Bursary corridor above the JCR).

The Academic Officer usually provides learning skills sessions throughout the year, but this is somewhat dependent on the CUSU Education Officer of the time.

Drop me a message at or stop me in the corridor to get in touch about any work troubles or feedback on Academic facilities in College and Wolfson Court!

Exam Term

For freshers that don’t know, and the rest of you that have suppressed the memories, Exam Term is both the worst and best time of year. Weeks of revision can seem endless, but they culminate in the frivolities of May Week, which really are all that they’re hyped up to be.

If you’re feeling down in Exam Term then its important that you don’t suffer in silence. Talk to friends, family, or else the JCR Welfare Officers, College Nurses, your Tutor, your DoS, or organisations such as LinkLine. Keep it all in perspective – Tripos really is not Judgement Day! Its easy to get caught up in competitive exam fever when cooped up in Cambridge libraries for weeks on end.


Girton students have access to a wealth of material both in the libraries within college itself and also at Wolfson Court. For information about libraries, visit here!

Useful Links

If you know that your academic performance is being adversely affected by any factor and wish to report it, see Reporting Problems.