Girton, as one of the biggest colleges in Cambridge, has a huge variety of sports. Most people who want to try a new sport, or keep up a moderate level of training and commitment, join one of the many college teams, which compete primarily with other college teams. Sports include the traditional Rugby, Football, Rowing, Cricket, Lacrosse and Netball, as well as many more such as Table Tennis, Squash and Athletics, each catering for a range of abilities and offering subsidised training, regular competitions and a great social life.

If you are an experienced athlete, every sport you can think of is represented at University level, with the opportunity to represent Cambridge against Oxford and winning a prestigious ‘Blue’. Similarly, if you fancy trying a more unusual sport that is run by the University rather than individual colleges, they all run introductory programmes, and Girton has funding for establishing new sports clubs if you think there is something missing.

When you get to Cambridge you’ll be inundated with offers to take up new sports and join new teams, and there really is something for everyone. If you have any questions about sports or other societies at Girton, contact the JCR Events & Societies Officer (



Although athletics is largely a University sport in Cambridge, all Girton college members are encouraged to take part in Cuppers (inter-collegiate) matches, held twice a year at the University’s athletics track on Wilberforce Road. Athletics is a great way to meet people across all University year groups and colleges, as well as keeping fit and active. All abilities are welcome, so head down to the track or send me an email if you’d like to get involved!

Captain: James Allen (ja539)

Badminton (Men's)

We are looking for lots of new members for 2016-17! Whether you just want to have some fun, meet new people and make friends, or if you’re up to some serious training, please come along to our sessions. We would love to see you there and can offer rackets and coaching for beginners.

For more information please contact Cyril Cutinha (cc764).

Girton I plays in Division 1 (of nine divisions) and Girton II plays in Division 5. Our teams regularly compete at a very competitive level in the Cuppers knockout tournament so playing badminton is a great way to get your hands on some sports silverware.

Badminton (Women's)

Girton Women’s Badminton team have had a successful year thanks to the participation of a group of keen players. Our team is on the brink of promotion into the 3rd division for next season. The Mixed Team also won this year’s Cuppers competition! This year we are looking for as many female players as possible to get involved, and it doesn’t matter if you have never picked up a racquet before. Training takes place twice a week, which is great fun and a good way to spend time away from work. Feel free to drop me an email if you have further questions.

Captain: Maria Khan (mk778)


There is currently no Girton college basketball team, however there is lots of interest from both undergrads and postgrads and therefore anyone wishing to start up the team will find lots of support around college.


Girton is without a doubt the most successful cricketing college. We are the only college to put out two sides in the Cuppers competition. The firsts this year reached the final of Cuppers where we narrowly lost to Jesus.

This year we will be looking to go one better, combining the remnants of last year’s side with hopefully some decent fresher talent.

The seconds unfortunately lost both their group games in Cuppers, but gave a good account of themselves and successfully managed to frustrate a number of highly regarded players.

Therefore whether you are an established test legend or back garden cricketer who hasn’t played in years, if you are interested in playing cricket for your college this year feel free to drop me an email. College cricket, although taking place during exam term is not as time consuming as you may be led to believe (games being 20 overs a side) and it’s a great way to escape the library and take your mind off work for a few hours whilst have a laugh with a good bunch of lads!

I will also be looking to organise some nets at Fenners Indoor School at some point if enough people are interested.

Captain: Louis Biggs (lb556)

‘Girton IIs set an umbrella field’

Cross Country

Girton College Cross Country Club (GCCCC), though a recent entrant to Girton sport, has made a name for itself both in terms of the heights of achievement, and the breadth of participation. Just in 2014-15, we saw two of our runners achieve half Blues in the marathon, but our men’s team also came second in the college league, by dominating with numbers, rather the reliance on star athletes as seen at other colleges.

Whether you competed at school or for a club, or if you run for fitness, or for fun, you would be a welcome addition to the team. If you want to start taking cross country more seriously, we have strong connections with the University team, the Hare & Hounds, which provides regular structured sessions at every level. College league races are every few weeks in Michaelmas and Lent, open to all abilities.

If you are interested, or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Ed Gazeley (eg432) or Jade Harding (jh918).


New to 2012, Girton college presents its very own cycling club! Any cycling enthusiasts with a road bike (or bike with road tyres) is more than welcome to join us for our club runs. As we build a team we will begin more rigorous training runs with the hope of entering competitions around the country. We will also have a (fun) time-trial initiation and a team meal afterwards some time in michaelmas term. With a chance to earn some sweet stash and represent Girton college at what we do best, you should definitely give it a go!

Email your two co-presidents Will (ws301) and James (jwf30) for more information!

Football (Men's)

Men’s football at Girton is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports, and the first team is currently on a high after winning promotion to the second division last season. With a couple of experienced players leaving, there will be plenty of opportunities in the first team for the serious players amongst you.

If you are not so serious, and play for fun, or even just to keep fit, Girton also runs a second and third team, who, like the first team, play league matches once a week. It is very low commitment, with training rarely occurring at second and third team level, and only once a week for the first team.

So, whether you are an experienced player, or someone who gave up years ago, there is a space in the Girton ranks for you – make sure to come along to trials in Freshers’ Week to meet the rest of the squad

Tom Day (tdd28), Men’s 1st XI Captain

Football (Men's)

Men’s football at Girton is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports, and the first team had a strong 2014/2015 season, finishing third in the second division and only narrowly missing out on promotion. With a couple of experienced players leaving, there will be plenty of opportunities in the first team for the serious players amongst you.

If you prefer to play socially or just for fitness, Girton also runs a second and third team. All three teams have matches once a week, usually on the weekends, and the first team train weekly at college.

In general, football is a great way to meet people, so make sure to come along to trials in Freshers’ Week to meet the rest of the squad.

Nik Trifunovic ndt24

Mens 1st XI Captain (2015-2016)

Football (Women's)

Joining the women´s football team is a really fun and low commitment way to get some exercise and represent Girton! It is very easy to pick up, so feel welcome to join us even if you are a complete beginner. Training is once per week, and matches are usually on Saturdays. We are looking for lots of new players so please come along and try it out!

Captain: Rachey Coy (rhc28)

Hockey (Men's)

Men’s Hockey is Girton’s most successful major sport. In the Michaelmas Term 2011, we came 4th in the termly inter-collegiate division 1 Hockey League. Every week, Girton fields a full men’s and women’s hockey team for fixtures against other colleges. If you have played hockey before or are interested in taking part in college sport, please sign up at the Fresher’s Fair for hockey or/and come along to the taster session during freshers week. I hope to see you playing hockey next year!

Captain: Tom Grew (tpg32)

Hockey (Women's)

Calling all undergrads and postgrads – GCHC Women need you! We had a great season last year, coming 3rd in division 2 and reaching the final of the intercollege plate competition where we eventually lost to a tough Jesus opposition. Next year we can hopefully build on this and do even better!

Hockey at Girton is fairly low commitment as we only play matches once a week in Michaelmas and Lent terms, usually on Sundays. Plus, it’s a great way to socialise with other people in college and keep fit at the same time. We always welcome new players of all abilities, so whether you’re a regular club player or haven’t picked up a stick since school, please get involved and join our team.

Captain: Louise Whiteley (lw432)

Hockey (Mixed)

Mixed hockey takes place as an inter-collegiate ‘Cuppers’ tournament throughout Michaelmess and Lent terms and is a fun and informal way to play hockey for all abilities. Last year Girton managed to reach theh quarter-finals and we hope to improve on that next year!


Mixed lacrosse is probably the most casual, fun sport at Girton. Most of our team last year had never played lacrosse before so don’t let a lack of experience put you off, it really is easy to pick up. At the same time we still managed to get promoted and past the group stages in Cuppers, so we must be doing something right. We usually train once a week with a game most weekends so if you fancy a trying a new sport without having to intensely commit then please think about signing up.

Feel free to email us if you have any other questions (lhc26) and see you in October.

Netball (Women's)

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, netball at Girton caters for all abilities. We have two ladies teams in the intercollegiate system in different divisions with the first team coming 6th in division 2 and the second team 6th in division 3 last season. Matches take place every weekend throughout the Michaelmas and Lent terms. We’re looking for as many first and even second and third years to get involved as possible. I look forward to seeing many of you in freshers week.

Ladies 1: Maya Kolade (mk810)

Netball (Mixed)

If you have never played before, have played before and hated it, or have played before and loved it, there is a place for you in our team. Our aim is to create a strong inclusive team atmosphere where everybody feels as though they can fully express their own brand of netball ability. There’s a game on every weekend, we play hard and we enjoy it. You can be as casually committed or as fully committed as you like. We even try to schedule games so you don’t miss brunch!

It could be your perfect casual extra-curricular sporting activity.

Contact, or join the Girton Mixed Netball group on facebook to find out more. (Contact details correct for 2015 season)


Girton College Boat Club, or GCBC for short, is the official rowing team for Girton College and offers a great way to compete, meet people and keep fit. Rowing is a quintessential sport at Cambridge and many people row at some point during their time at Girton, meaning GCBC is a large and inclusive club, mixing undergraduates, post-graduates and even college staff. Rowers go out on the river in boats of eight several times a week, and supplement this with team and club training sessions on land. Rowing is not the only way to get involved with GCBC – we also need coxes, who are in charge of boats, responsible for steering, coordinating rowers and shouting encouragement (or abuse!).

The club caters for all levels of skill, experience and commitment. Each year during Michaelmas and Easter terms we run a novice training programme for which absolutely no experience is necessary, in fact most of our members started rowing here. If you are rowing or coxing for the first time, you can expect plenty of help from the senior members of the club, including dedicated coaching. Our senior boats have been very successful in recent years, and any experienced rowers are welcomed with open arms, recently several members have gone on to race in the famous Oxford and Cambridge boat races.  College rowing at Cambridge all builds up to the famous bumps races at the end of Lent and Easter terms. Boats line up down the river one behind the other and upon the blast of a cannon charge crazily at the boat front in an attempt to touch them and knock them out of competition. (hence “bumping!”). Waiting at the side of the river for the cannon before the start of the race is an experience everyone should try at least once – it’s quite an adrenaline rush!

Of course, it’s not all about the sport… Rowers are infamous for their social events; including swaps with other colleges, club curry nights and the much-loved Boat Club Dinner at the end of each term. The friends you make both in your crew and across the boat club will stay with you for life!

To get a bit more of an idea what we do please take a look at; or check our Facebook page ( and follow us on twitter @GirtonCollegeBC. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in contact!

President: Beverley Wilson (

Of course, it’s not all about the sport – Rowers are infamous for their social events, including swaps with other colleges, curries, and the much-loved Boat Club Dinner. The friends you make in your crew and across the boat club will stay with you for life!

To get a bit more of an idea what we do and for race reports, news, or to get in contact please take a look at

President: Beverley Wilson (

BCD_AndyMarsh W1_2014_BevWilson

Rugby (Men's)

Pace, brawn and vision. Not one of these attributes is a requirement to play Girton rugby. Currently in a meteoric rise out of the depths of the Cambridge 3rd Division, the Girton rugby squad is looking for keen new players with or without previous experience. An informal training session is usually held once a week which involves plenty of touch rugby and a bit of preparation for the mid-week league games. If you’ve ever expressed interest in the sport or are simply are looking to try something new, college rugby is a great way to embrace life at Girton and maintain that healthy student lifestyle. Beers for The Boys – a post-match obligation. Try it, you’ll like it.

Captain: Anthony Rubinstein (ar713)


Rugby (Women's)

Want to play a sport that is low commitment, gets you in great physical shape and gives you street cred like none other? Women’s rugby is a fantastically fun sport, with an inclusive team spirit welcoming everyone to play, whether you have played before, or are a total beginner.

Girton women’s rugby team is part of a joint college team with Sidney Sussex, Murray Edwards, Fitzwilliam, Churchill, Lucy Cavendish and St Edmund’s, nicknamed “Sidney and Hills”.

Please come along to try it out. Training is once a week. There are introductory sessions at the Grange Road pitches on Sunday the 11th, 18th and 25th of October from 11.30-1.30pm.

Feel free to email us with any questions, Ayala Donegan ad643 and Bethany Randall bar44, captains.


Girton squash had a good year in 2014, entering teams both in the college leagues and cuppers tournament. We were promoted twice in the leagues and won the plate event in cuppers so are looking continue our successes next year! We are very keen to get more people playing so if you are remotely interested, please get in touch!

If you’re interested in playing for the college, contact captain Andrew Baker (adb71).

Girton also has an internal squash league – get in touch at the same address if you’re interested.

Girton has a good history of producing University level players so if you are interested in representing the University, contact Matt Lees (ml695).


We have a pool, it’s pretty cool.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis is one of the best sports to play at uni because of two reasons- it is quite casual with not very high commitment levels, and second, it is a lot of fun. With the table, a few racquets and a couple of table tennis balls lying around in the JCR all the time, it is one of the easiest sports to take up. That aside, Girton has had strongly performing table tennis teams over the years (although last year wasn’t great, with the first team finishing 5th out of 6 teams in the first division) and we are looking for fresh talent to represent Girton and continue the trend (of doing well obviously)! So if you have never played this version of tennis or if you are a table tennis pro, you are most welcome to come to any of the weekly sessions and have a go at this wonderful sport. Do contact me with any questions.

Captain: Rishabh Bhargava (rb635)

Table Tennis (Casual)

Casual Tennis Society is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin! Run in Easter term and meeting once a week (on Friday afternoons) It’s open to tennis players of any level- you don’t even have to own a racket, I always bring a couple of spares along. It’s a very sociable sport and a fantastic way to get some fresh air and de-stress during exam term. It’s very low commitment and a completely hassle free way of doing a bit of exercise- the courts are on-site (one of the many advantages of a college that’s a bit further out). So, if you fancy a match or just a knock around come the summer months, you’ll find people down at the courts on a Friday afternoon!

Captain: Jess Morley, jecm4


Tennis at Girton consists of entering the ‘Cuppers’ competition (a knock-out but with a loser’s plate) which starts midway through Lent term, in which we compete against other colleges. The teams can be mixed (male and female). There’s not much more to it. I encourage all with experience or interest in the game to sign up (at the college societies fair or by emailing me, acc66). It is low commitment (and fun), one pre-cuppers hit required and then just the occasional match. If enough want to play then I will also try to organise a second team.

Captain: Alexander Chong Kwan (acc66)

Ultimate Frisbee

The New Thundercatz

So you have never heard of “Ultimate Frisbee”…. Well it is a fast-moving team game that is a sort of cross between netball and American football (non-contact) played with a round piece of plastic. It’s one of the fastest growing sports in the UK and also one of the few that men and women play together at every level. Cambridge has loads of Ultimate going on with a healthy, fun and casual college league that plays throughout the year. Your college team, The New Thundercatz represent six colleges (St Catharine’s, Trinity Hall, Murray Edwards, Fitzwilliam, Girton and Magdalene) so it’s a great chance to meet players from other colleges and play a competitive sport in a highly spirited manner.

So if you’d like to give it a go, even if you’ve never picked up a Frisbee before, please come along and join in. For more information feel free to drop an e-mail to Chris Owers (


The Girton College Volleyball Club is a great place to learn to play Volleyball if you’ve never played before or to continue playing at a casual level. It requires only a minimal commitment and is sure to be lots of fun. Aside from a couple of beginner sessions at the beginning of Michaelmas term and the possibility of an indoor tournament one weekend sometime during the first two terms all the volleyball occurs during the summer. In Easter term there is an inter college league that runs at weekends on Jesus green in town. It’s a great way of getting out of the library for an hour and keeping fit and having fun at the same time! If you have any questions contact Alex Sorgo on am2055.