Read below for information about some of the societies Girtonians are eligible to join. If you have sufficient interest, it is also fairly commonplace to form a brand new society and apply for some funding.
Each year during Freshers’ week we hold a mini sports and societies fair for you to meet the wonderful captains and presidents who keep the cogs moving (albeit often at the expense of up-to-date online entries so apologies for any of those that aren’t!).


Banking Society

The Girton Banking Society aims to provide the institutional framework for building a community of like minded individuals, aiming for careers in banking and finance, in Girton College. Likewise the society aspires to provide support and share  knowledge to strengthen applications for careers and internships in banking and finance.

If you are interested in taking part, contact one of the following:

Samuel Dolton – srjd2, President

Marta Grześkiewicz – mg733, President

Board Games Society

The Girton Board Games Soc meets roughly weekly to take your minds of work by providing a wide array of board games to play, spanning all genres and styles. Do you have what it takes to build the best farm? Are you the most chaotic of the Chaos Gods? How would the Cold War have ended if YOU were in control of the USSR?

Email (bjw59) or (om277) for more information, or check the Facebook group:

Christian Union

Hi, we’re Girton Christian Union! GCU is part of the Cambridge Inter-Collegiate Christian Union, CICCU, and exists to make Jesus Christ known in college. We don’t have links to any particular church – we welcome Christians from all backgrounds, but if you’re not a Christian, we’d love to get to know you too. We meet together every week to read the Bible, pray and take some time out to eat cake! Get in touch if this sounds interesting, but also just if you fancy some cake/coffee/a friendly face. Email us on (Siobhan) or (David).

You can read more about us on our website or join our facebook group.

Girton Amateur Dramatics Society (GADS)

The Girton Amateur Dramatics Society (GADS) is one of the friendliest and most laid-back student societies in Cambridge (so much so that it holds its meetings in the College bar!). Everyone can get involved in GADS, whether your thing is music, acting, directing, singing, producing, lighting and sound or selling tickets at the door, the society welcomes everyone from experienced thespians to those looking to tread the boards for the very first time. GADS puts on shows in the college itself as well as in other Cambridge theatres and we would love as many of you as possible to sign up and get involved in one of our productions.

If you do have any questions about GADS or about Cambridge theatre in general please email (mas246)

Girton College Law Society

Girton College Law Society is for anyone considering a career in law, and so it is open to all students, not just those reading law. We host a range of events each term which give members the opportunity to talk to lawyers from leading firms and chambers on an informal basis. We also provide subject advice and support for those studying law. The Annual Dinner in Lent term and the Garden Party in May Week are two notable highlights of the calendar.

Contact: Cyril Cutinha (cc764)


Girton College Music Society (GCMS)

Girton College Music Society (GCMS) is open to any member of College who plays an instrument or sings, irrespective of their academic discipline, and organises a wealth of recitals, concerts, and masterclasses; the chamber music scheme provides opportunities for singers and instrumentalists at various levels to play in ensembles with expert guidance from the College’s distinguished roster of music fellows (including Dr Martin Ennis, Margaret Faultless, and Dr Kate Kennedy) and musicians-in-residence, as well as visiting professionals. Whereas the more centrally-located Colleges tend to rely heavily on external performers to scrape together ensembles, GCMS puts together imaginative programmes that harness the College’s own talent.

For more information, see: our site and our Facebook page or get in touch with us at

History Society

The current Girton History Society follows in the footsteps of many prestigious predecessors. The original Girton History Society, “The One Damned Thing After Another” Society played host to such luminaries as Virginia Woolf who read her work “A Room of One’s Own” to the assembled members. The Society has more recently hosted famous historians such as Richard Evans and Christopher Clark. Sadly the History Society ceased to exist in 2006 but was re-founded in 2012 under the name “One Damned Thing After Another?” Society. Our inaugural meeting took place in Lent Term 2012 and was a discussion of the future of women’s history. We hope to continue in this vein and present several discussions each academic year in order to enrich the academic experience of
all Girtonians, historians and non-historians alike.

Contact: Fred Ward (fw282)

Joan Robinson Society (Economics)

The Joan Robinson Society continues its tradition of maintaining a collaborative and supportive relationship among Girton’s economists. The society boasts of a number of events every year encompassing those of both an academic and social nature. These include termly speaker events which play host to some of Girton’s most successful alumni and Cambridge’s greatest economic thinkers, as well as economist formals and the annual economist Christmas dinner.

During the last academic year 2015-16, we have been delighted to welcome a range of speakers, at the beginning of the year Dr Ha-Joon Chang spoke to the society about how economics is a political subject, with much more influences from outside, than described in the neoclassical framework. In March we received a talk from eminent ontologist Dr. Tony Lawson, who spoke on the Nature of Economics and argued against the persistence of economic modelling in the profession. There was much stimulating debate and conversation over a glass of wine after the event. More recently we hosted Professor Bill Janeway who talked insightfully on the Innovative Economy and a range of broad subjects in a Q+A session, from the role of economic history to the challenges we face post-Brexit.

Besides the formal activities, the Joan Robinson Society have also engaged in various social events ranging from meals out to film nights, developing and highlighting the close friendships among members of the course. Furthermore, senior members of the society continue to provide valuable support to the lower years with internship talks and dissertations presentations being delivered by the finalists. Post-graduate students are warmly welcomed to JRS events, and we recently held a “Life as a Graduate Student” talk, encouraging our members to apply for graduate courses in economics, and to consider this as an alternative to an immediate careeer.

President 2015-16: Rhys Williams (rjw218)


For more information see the LGBT section of the website ( or contact the JCR LGBT rep.

Medical and Veterinary Society

Girton Medical and Veterinary Society, GMVS, is here to give you academic support and help to broaden your horizons socially. Every year we produce a handbook with study tips and guidance for the first 2 years. This is supplemented by events where needed such as our annual Special Options evening where third years talk to second years about the options they can take. The MVST course can be a tough one and we want to ensure that you have as much assistance as possible throughout it from older students, fellows and the friends that you will make across all years. All medical and veterinary students immediately become members of the society and are welcome to attend any events held.

Our social events are regular and varied, giving you the opportunity to mix with the clinical students in the college, and medics and vets from other colleges. We arrange regular talks throughout term of both medical and veterinary relevance ranging from aerospace medicine and the life of a doctor at sea to the difference between the medical and veterinary lifestyles.We organise formal swaps with other colleges, nights out with Girton students and a formal GMVS dinner every year. Although there is always banter about which course is better you will truly appreciate the friends that you make through GMVS over the six years you will study here.

If you have any questions about the society, or about studying Medicine or Veterinary Medicine at Girton, then please contact me at

Dave Harrison

GMVS Social Sec 2013-14

Natural Sciences Society

NatSciSoc is for the people that do the finest subject, namely Natural Sciences! All Girton NatScis have automatic membership. Whether you are a ‘Bio’ or a ‘Phys’ (it’s not a hard and fast boundary anyway) you are welcome to attend all the events such as drinks, talks about internships and chats over cakes.

Co-Presidents: Adam Malyali (alm81), Kate Sheffer (kes65)

Photographic Society

Despite the inactivity of the Bernie Lee Photographic Society in recent years, this Michaelmas will rekindle the popularity and centrality of the society to college life. Girton has an excellent dark-room which can be used for developing roll film. With the help of Peter Sparks, the Senior Treasurer, and Eleanor Richards, a past JCR Curator, a group of students from within the College have come together in their mutual interest in photography. As of Easter Term 2011, the room, and society, has been restocked and reorganised. Inevitably, a large amount of photography will be digital, for which the dark-room provides a computer, A3 printer, and even cameras and lenses to loan. The Society aims to help members develop their skills by drafting in experts and talented photographers from across the University. Beginning in Michaelmas 2012, the Society will also run a tumblr page, which will function as an online gallery.

For more information contact Mark Seow (

Poetry Society

The Girton Poetry Society cordially invites you to join our evening escapades. One of, if not the only, poetry groups in Cambridge attended by both Fellows and students,we meet informally a few times a term to submit work(anonymously) and discuss exciting new writing! You needn’t be a writer to attend, nor have written poetry before to submit. We extend an inky hand!

At the beginning of each year we email all College members, but after this first contact we only communicate themes to those who have asked to be kept informed. If you would like to join our mailing list, please email either Olivia Crawford ( or Sinéad Garrigan Mattar ( and they’ll sign you up.

Self Preservation Society

You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!

Society of Chocolate and Knitting (SOCK)

We’re a relaxed society where you can learn to knit or practice your knitting while eating lots of chocolate! No experience is needed, we have lots of wool, needles, chocolate and people who can teach you. We normally meet at 8.30 pm every Sunday in room E8. You can pop in for a few minutes or a few hours. Email Frida Johanne Tveit (fjt30) or Sarah Thorne (st598) if you have any questions or check our facebook page:

Sub-Saharan African Fund for Education (SAFE)

Girton Sub-Saharan African Fund for Education (SAFE) raises money each year to benefit charities and NGOs that support education in Sub-Saharan Africa. Currently money is raised each year through an opt-out scheme on your college bill where every undergraduate who doesn’t opt out donates £5 towards the fund. The money for the last two years was distributed as follows:

£300 to Menelik Education Limited

£2315 to Afrinspire

£2035 to Hillcrest Advice Bureau and Bursary Fund

Over the next year I aim to expand the activities of Girton SAFE: to increase fundraising events in college; the publicity of the work of the Fund and to organise a committee that will co-ordinate the work of SAFE within Girton. If you are interested in getting involved with the work of SAFE and raising money for educational projects in Sub-Saharan Africa then please email me at

Becky Boardman

Girton SAFE co-ordinator