We are conscious of environmental and ethical issues and are constantly taking action to minimise Girton’s effect on the environment by providing the necessary means to reduce our carbon footprint and by educating and inspiring students to take individual responsibility.


Recycling bins for dry mixed recyclables (plastic, paper, cardboard, aluminium cans), glass and biodegradable waste available in all corridor kitchens mean that Girton students are spoilt for facilities. Printer cartridge facilities are available at the Porters’ Lodge.

We take part in the CUECS Green League Table and hope to do very well in the recycling section next year!


The College is signed up to the Carbon Reduction Commitment and always aims to continue to reduce its energy consumption. This can be hard for such a large, old building but many large steps have already been taken to continue to reduce our carbon footprint. For example, low energy lightbulbs have been installed in every bedroom making a huge reduction of our lighting energy usage.

The College continually assesses its energy consumption by complete the Cambridge University Environmental Consulting Service (CUECS) Green League Table Survey, which highlights areas that can be improved and areas where the College is doing well.

An extension to the college has recently been unveiled and will house solar panels along the length of the roof. This demonstrates the pioneering attitude of the College and signifies a new direction for college management on sustainability.

Ethical Investments

Included in our Environmental Policy are strategies for investment in companies not only clear of unethical conduct, but those with good environmental track records, and to bank with the Co-op.


After pressure from the students, the Girton College Cafeteria now stocks a range of Fairtrade snacks and drinks. The food sources continue to be evaluated to try to bring students and fellows ethically sourced food with a low carbon footprint at an affordable price.