Director of Studies (DoS)

Your DoS is your Director of Studies. They are in charge of your academic career whilst you are at Cambridge. You will see them at least twice a term, though in most cases on a more frequent basis; they are an important contact for any issues you have relating to your work.


Supervisions are small group discussions with an academic. Your supervisor may change for each of the paper s you are taking. Your supervisions will probably be weekly and the number will depend on your subject. Classes, relevant for some arts subjects, will be with a larger group. Your supervisors will set the majority of your work and be your main academic contact.


Each student is assigned a tutor, who helps with any non-academic problems you may have. They are your official point of contact if you have any financial, health or welfare issues. You must sign in with your tutor at the start of every term.

Admissions and Tutorial Office

Headed up by Angela Stratford, the admissions and tutorial office is an important point of contact. They are involved in much of college life, including exam arrangement, bursaries, scholarships, and the day-to-day running of college.

Timetables and time management

It’s very important not to let your work get on top of you. Find a way of getting organised, be it a pocket diary or post-it notes, and stick with it. If you‟re finding it‟s getting too much talk to someone about it; Cambridge is a highly supportive environment, see our Welfare section. In unique Cambridge style weeks start on a Thursday, therefore the first day of lectures will be Thursday 6th. You may also have introductory talks in your department on the first Wednesday.

Don’t get too stressed about the reading list of books you may receive. For most subjects it won‟t be necessary to read every book, so be selective and really get to grips with what you do manage to read.