Studying at Cambridge

The whole structure can be a little complicated, so here’s a brief explanation. For those who have got their Raven logins, check out your calendar here.

Your academic calendar (Raven Login Required)

Director of Studies

Responsible for your academic development, you’ll meet with at least twice a term, if not significantly more. Your first port of contact for any academic issues.

Admissions and Tutorial Office

Led by Angela Stratford, this is the Swiss Army Knife of offices, fulfilling a whole range of roles for all subjects in Girton, ranging from exam arrangement to bursaries and scholarships.


This is the academic fellow who is responsible for your wellbeing, and is your first port of call for any non-academic issues. They will be a fellow in a completely different subject to yours.


This is the academic fellow, an expert in your subject, who teaches you either in small groups or one-to-one on your topic, building on work that you do in your own time and your lectures.