Welfare at Girton

What do the JCR offer?

There are two Welfare officers on the JCR committee: the Women’s Welfare Officer, the Men’s Welfare Officer, the LGBT+ Officer and the Disabilities and Mental Health Officer. To find out who they currently are, go here.

They are great people to talk to if you have any problems or just fancy a chat, and always have a supply of restorative tea and biscuits. They can be found in the JCR office during their office hours which will be published early in the term. They offer advice on any issues from work to health, and can point you in the right direction for further help.

What are my ``college parents``?

Each student becomes part of a College Family on arriving, where you have students in the year above act as “College Parents”, who can provide advice (and in your first week, a home-cooked meal of varying qualities).

You should be contacted by College Parents during the summer, after you confirm your offer. They are great people to talk to about any issues you may have, particularly work issues as they’ve been where you are now. They should be around your first weekend to show you around and help you settle in.

If by the time term starts you have not been contacted by college parents please ask any questions to jcr-welfare-men@girton.cam.ac.uk orĀ jcr-welfare-women@girton.cam.ac.uk.

What can my tutor do?

Your tutor is there for any complaints or concerns you may have. They often know the route to take, and can escalate issues, or can just be there for a coffee.

What can the nurses do?

Girton has two qualified nurses on site, with clinics each day. They can provide advice, and organise meetings with your GPs.

Furthermore, the waiting room for the office is open at all times, and provides sexual health supplies.