UniWare Card

You will receive a UniWare card on the day you arrive which you use to pay for food from hall, and anything on sale at the Plodge. There is a £500 credit limit. They also open doors around college and in your faculty.

Managing your Money

It is important you keep on top of your money. Many of you will be getting loans from the Student Loans Company, tuition fee loans are paid straight to college while maintenance loans/grants are paid into your bank account. If you ever experience any financial problems the college is here to help, and can offer financial hardship funds, but it is crucial to speak to your Tutor as soon as you run into any difficulties. The college also offers a range of bursaries and grants which you should receive information on as term progresses, if in doubt ask at the Tutorial Office.


College Council has agreed to introduce from 2011/12 automatic contents insurance for all students living in College accommodation. For 2011/12, the charge for this will be 30p per week. More information can be found in this document.