Sports and societies

Girton and the University both have hugely active social scenes, with societies ranging from poetry, to architecture or fancy gins (if you're into that). Many are very heavily subsidised by alumni and sponsors, and provide a great way to spend your free time.

See the CUSU Societies Directory

Girton life

If you fancy a full three course dinner, silver-service, by candlelight on the cheap, we can do that with Formals. It’s a formal dinner, complete with short Latin grace, and is usually followed by a trip to the bar. As you can imagine, it’s a unique Cambridge experience. Formal halls go on sale one week in advance and are extremely popular, often selling out quickly.

Alternatively, we have our big parties in the bar: Ents! They're are a good way of bringing a great night with college friends right to your doorstep! Make sure you bring your fancy dress, as these are generally themed and it’s great fun to dress up!

For those who fancy a big night out

Town life

Most of the clubs in Cambridge tend to play cheesy music, but always provide a good night out. Try out Cindies, Life, Fez or Lola Los (Cindies and Life have actually been renamed by their new owners, but Cambridge students keep using their old names). If you’d rather avoid the clubs, other colleges also run their own nights – check out the cellars at Clare and King’s for a night of drum ‘n’ bass or dubstep.

There are also plenty of pubs if that’s more your thing – some especially decent ones if you're up for exploring the areas less frequented by bike-less central-college students! When it comes to drama, Cambridge is spoilt for choice with at least six student shows per week, be it at the ADC, or one of its affiliated theatres. Varsity and TCS (the student papers) have weekly listings of all these, but check out the streams of adverts and posters which litter railings all around the city too for some gems.

Girton Spring Ball (and other Balls too)

The Girton Spring Ball is the biggest event of the year for Girtonians. A huge, no-expenses-spared night to spend with your fellow Girtonians, as current students and alumni come together. This happens every two years, with the next ball taking place in 2020.

The biggest social events of the year (for the town colleges) occur in May Week – a week, which in keeping with Cambridge’s disdain for making much sense, is in June – after all exams have finished. It’s a week of garden parties, the infamous May Balls and relaxation. May Balls are incredible events of 1,500-odd guests enjoying fine food, drink and dodgems (…just the tip of the iceberg really…) for one ridiculous night and morning – it ends at 5am. More incredibly it’s entirely student planned, organised and run!


With all going on, it's reasonable to ask how one can afford it all.

All students from the United Kingdom and EU should be eligible for Student Finance: a loan to cover their fees, plus a maintenance loan. The University provides a guide of the different kinds of finance. Alternatively, MoneySavingExpert provides a very practical guide. Any specific queries can be directed to the College Bursary.

Each student who arrives will be provided with a CamCard. The Canteen and Porters Lodge all can be paid for using your CamCard, which provides £500 of credit. You only receive the bill for accomodation and your CamCard at the end of term.

If you have financial difficulties, the College may be able to help with its Student Hardship Fund: email your Tutor to find out more.

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