Getting Around

So how far away is Girton?

Girton is set on the edge of Cambridge, due to it’s history: the Univesity were not keen on having women so near the male undergraduate population.

It’s about 2.5 miles from the centre of town: this corresponds to about a ten minute cycle into town. In reality, it often takes Girtonians less time to get around town than their centre-town friends.


The vast majority of Girtonians cycle in each day: you only need to get a second-hand bike (of which there are many in Cambridge), so don’t worry worry about getting the newest road bike. There are several bike shops nearby. To help keep your bike safe, each student is required to register their bike at Girton with the Porters’ Lodge.

There are a couple of essentials all should get.

  • A helmet
  • A decent lock (ideally a D-lock)
  • Bike lights
  • Waterproofs
  • A bell


Walking is a lot rarer in Girton, but doable, if you want, or if you just fancy some time out. It’s about a 40 minute walk to town, and it’s just a straight road in. For those doing humanities, there’s a new shortcut via Eddington.


There’s also extensive bus services from Girton to Cambridge.

For those who want to get into the centre of town, the Citi 5 and Citi 6 buses regularly depart from Girton Corner, just by the college. It’s about £2 for a single.

For the Sidgwick Site and the Station, the U bus departs from near Swirles Court, our new accommodation block, which is a 15 minute walk from Girton main site. With a CamCard, a single is £1 regardless of your destination.

There is also a direct bus from Girton to the Station – the 1A – but this bus has a rather restricted timetable, and is designed for commuters to London (meaning it runs early in the morning and late at night.


For those who want to make it to a night out, or just want to make their lives easy, you can take a taxi. Cambridge has an Uber service, and two licensed taxi services, Panther and CamCabs. Taxis into town cost approximately £8 (£11 if you are in a group of 5 or more), but Girton has a culture of travelling together, which cuts the cost.

Mobility difficulties

For those with mobility issues, Girton College can help out significantly. The first port of call should be the Disability Resource Centre for the University of Cambridge, who will be able to advise you on options. The distance of Girton should never prevent people from experiencing Cambridge to the full.

Stuck in town?

Things can go wrong: if you’re stuck in town with no way of getting back except for walking, you can call the Porters Lodge at 01223 338 999 and ask them to book a taxi, which will then be added to your College Bill.