A bike is the perfect way to get around Cambridge and there is a cycle lane from Girton to the edge of town. There are several things you‟ll need with your bike that are easier to get before you arrive.

  • A decent lock (preferably a D-lock)
  • Helmet
  • Bike lights (legally required for night cycling)
  • Waterproofs for those rainy days


  • A rucksack is the most convenient way to transport things whilst cycling
  • Or buy a basket for your bike
  • Mudguards
  • A bell for negotiating pedestrian filled streets

If you don‟t manage to get everything you need before arriving there are plenty of Cycle shops in town. There is a bike repair shop in Girton, Chris’s Bikes, at the end of Thornton Road which you will walk past the top of on the way to the Co-op.

When arriving with a bike there are three bike sheds you can store it in, by the main gates of Girton. You should receive information about registering your bike before you arrive.


The bus routes that will get you to town are the Stagecoach citi5, citi6 and 55. The Whippet 1a bus is less advisable as the service is a lot less frequent and if you buy a return you could be waiting a long time to come home!

To get to town, the bus stop is on the corner of Girton Road/ Huntingdon Road. Buses leave every 10 minutes, and the journey is about 15mins to central Cambridge (Emmanuel Street). To get home, go to bus stop E4 on Emmanuel Street or G on Bridge Street (just next to St. Johns). College’s stop is “Girton Corner”, a good time to ring the bell is just after you pass the petrol station on your right. A single is just under £2, whilst a “Dayrider” (as much travel on any Stagecoach bus you like for that day) is around £3.50. If you‟re getting the bus for the whole week, purchase a “Megarider” from the Plodge- 7 days of unlimited travel for £12.

Stranded in town?

If you find yourself stuck in town and unable to get back, don’t worry – the College can help out. The procedure is as follows:

If a student is stranded in town without cash, they can phone the Porter’s Lodge (01223 338999) and explain their circumstances. The duty Porter will then order a taxi on the College account. Once the student has arrived back in College, the Porter will give the Taxi driver an account slip to cover the cost of the fare. The student must then call at the Lodge with their Uni-card, where they will be charged for the cost of the taxi.