Hi! I’m Molly and am the President of your Freshers’ week. I love Girton unashamedly and I hope me and the committee can introduce you to our characterful college in the most positive way possible; as a historian (going into my third year) I care a lot about the history of the college and would recommend you have a quick read online as it is impressive (and Emily Davies is just the best!). During freshers week I’ll be managing and keeping track of all the events, supporting the committee, working to make sure the experience is good for everyone, and generally being a friendly face around college.

A fun fact about me is that I own a bonnet which I made for myself when I was obsessed with period dramas. I still love them but have thankfully stopped trying to live as if I am in one of them.

Hey! I’m George, a third year mathematician and I’ll be the Vice President for your Freshers’ Week! I come from a farming family in Lancashire, England and my favourite pastimes include amateur dramatics and travelling around the world. A fun fact about me is that I currently have four cats, three goats and a hamster as pets!

My job during Freshers’ Week is to ensure your start to university is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. You’ll probably see me around helping at events throughout the week, so feel free to ask any questions you have or just have a chat about life at Girton! After Freshers’ Week is over, I’ll continue in my other job as your JCR President, leading the student union and working to improve your experience at Cambridge.

Hi!! My name is Dea, I am a second year PBS-er and I am one of the alcoholic ents officers on this year’s Freshers Committee. I love dogs so please drunkenly (or soberly) share with me pics of your pup and I shall undoubtedly return the favour. I’m also northern and will remind you of this every five minutes.

Hey, congrats on reaching your offers and welcome to Girton! I’m Phoebe and I’m in second year studying MML (French and Spanish post A level). As one of the alcoholic ents officers I’ll be helping to run events in Freshers’ Week like the pub crawl, pre-drinks with other colleges, and Girton “ents” (our word for college socials – you’ll soon get used to the Cambridge slang). Fun fact about me: I didn’t try Coke (the drink!) till I was 18.

I’m Jem I’m a second year PBS-er and non-alcoholic ents officer. I started Cambridge hating tea but after a few weeks of being given so many different types by people convinced I was crazy I started to like it, or I got Stockholm syndrome. I left at the end of the year with an addiction and more enemies than friends as apparently tea without milk is blasphemy.

I’m Ximena a third year geographer, and the college JCR Disabilities Mental Health officer. When I’m not thinking about climate change or what knowledge is, you might find me around Girton amongst nature or out for a night time swim!  I love visual arts, sketching, and going to galleries and museums. I also like to keep up with accessibility activism around Cambridge.

Hi, my name is Clara Parry and I’m one of this year’s Freshers Week logistics officers!

I am a third-year law student here and my job as a logistics officer is to make sure the week runs as smoothly as possible and to make sure everyone has a choice and an opportunity to socialise in the day by creating the timetable for the week! I’ll also be in charge of booking taxis to events and providing you with, what I hope you’ll find, a helpful guide on freshers and starting uni!

I have played for university women’s football team and the college one. I am also one of college’s LGBTQ+ Rep, and if you are a part of the LGBTQ+ community then there will be opportunities during Freshers Week to socialise with me and your peers!

Fun fact: I once wore a helmet all the way through a supervision for £20!

Born in the US, raised in Scotland – Dea may tell you she’s from the north but I’m from the true north where the accents are as indecipherable as enigma and thicker than Girtonian thighs. I’m a third-year engineer, and I will be one of two of your logistics officers. This means I am responsible for keeping the fresher’s guide up-to-date as well as doing what I can to ensure the smooth running of activities during freshers’ week such as keeping track of everyone on the pub crawl and booking taxis on nights out. Aside from this, as a member of the committee, it’s my job to ensure you’re well settled into college and uni life so feel free to ask me, or any other member of the committee, any questions you may have 😊

Fun fact:

I was originally planned to have been born in Syria, as my dad was moving there for work, but a strange turn of events led to my birth on Jackson street, the location of Michael Jackson’s childhood home.

Hello, my name is Hassan and I’m one of the non-alcoholic ents officers, as well as Girton’s BME officer. I’m a third-year medical student who likes art, acting and attempting to make people laugh. Fun fact, my immune system is paranoid, so I’m allergic to chocolate and poppy seeds.

Hey everyone! I’m Liam a third year astrophysics and I’ll be your Tech Officer for Freshers’ Week. I do loads of sport, including Handball for the university so if anyone’s interested let me know. I’m one of the few to apply to Girton directly, with my sole reason being that it is the only college to have a swimming pool. Despite this I’ve only been in the pool 5 times in the last two years.

I’ll be trying to keep you all updated throughout Freshers’ Week on the Facebook page. After Freshers’ Week is over, I’m also your JCR Treasurer, so if you think of anything college needs let me know and I’ll probably end up buying it for the JCR.

Hi, I’m Cathy and I’m going into my third year of a maths degree. I’m an alcoholic ents officer, so I will be involved in making sure all our alcoholic events run smoothly and you all have a good time. I’m involved in the Maths and Boardgames societies within Girton and the University Scout and Guiding club so if any of those float your boat then please join (like seriously, my scout group needs more leaders, lol).

Hi, welcome to Girton! I’m Alex, and I’m in my third year studying history. I’m the ‘wildcard’ on your Freshers Committee, which means I’ll be all over the place helping out on different events, making sure things run smoothly and everyone has a great week. A fact about me is that I pretty much couldn’t ride a bike at all when I first came to Girton, so don’t worry if you’re in the same situation!