Dea Begaj


Hi lads my name is Dea, I’m 3rd year PBS (psych) and I’m your 2019 freshers president! I’m super excited to put on a week that’s going to knock your socks off!! My fun fact (and the only thing relevant to my entire personality) is that I am northern – and I think the only cumbrian at Girton? Maybe ? And I have a dog called Stitch! Feel free to let me know if you have any Qs or suggestions, see ya soon

George Cowperthwaite

Vice President

Hi, I’m George and I’m a fourth year undergrad studying Maths! I’ll be the Vice President of your Freshers’ Week and I’m looking forward to running lots of great activities for you. Fun fact – my family has four pet goats, four cats, two dogs and a hamster!

Ella Pound


Hello and welcome to Girton! My name is Ella and I’m a second year English student. I’m one of your Freshers’ Week Logistics Officers, which means I’ll be helping to make sure everything runs smoothly with the timetable and making sure you know what’s on and where! I also helped to make that handy guide. A fun fact about me is that I do lighting design for shows (hopefully not at the expense of my degree, oops).

Sam Drysdale


Name: Sam
Year: 2nd Year
Subject: Maths
Role: Logistics Officer
Fun fact: Having bought too much of it for a Burns supper, I once spent a solid week eating nothing but haggis for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was one of the bleakest periods of my life.

Rebecca McNeill 

Alcoholic ents

Hello my name is Rebecca- I’m a 2nd yr law student from Northern Ireland and one of your ents officers for freshers week (we love an Irish stereotype…) At Cam I can frequently be found grandma grooving with my friends, embracing the corporate sell out life at free law soc dinners, or studying in the schlub bc proximity to coffee is v.necessary. Excited to meet you all soon- hope you love life at Girton as much as I do! X

Pieter Durman

Alcoholic ents

My name is Pieter, I’m a second year Bio Natsci and one of your alcoholic ents officers. I’m pretty active (some say too active) on the Cambridge theatre/comedy scene so come have a chat if you’re interested in that stuff. I’ll also be acting as a friendly face all week (and then after if ya want) especially on ents/club nights if you need some support, transport back to college or a lecture about how great Guernsey is.

Simrhan Khetani

Alcoholic ents

Hi guys! My name is Simrhan and I‘m in second year studying law. I’ll be your ents officer on the Freshers Committee!! Excited to meet you all! 🙂 and fun fact lol – I have opened 30 bottles with my teeth in under 2 mins

Riva Kapoor

Tech Officer

Hi!! I’m Riva – a 2nd year geographer. I’m tech officer on your freshers committee so ask me anything about anything that involves phones/the internet/anything. I’m also ents officer on the girton jcr so can help with understanding cambridge nightlife (there are 4 clubs, it can be difficult). becca enjoys drinking guinness. I enjoy breaking guinness world records. £10 to anyone who guesses what it was x

Sarah Merrick

Non Alcoholic ents

Hello! My name is Sarah but you will most likely get to know me as Ricky (long story!). I’m a 3rd year philosopher and I am a non-alcoholic ents officer on the freshers’ committee. My fun fact: I have two lovely cats called Jude and River

Ella Shaxson

Non Alcoholic ents

Hiya! My name is Ella and I am one of your non-alcoholic ents officers. I am a third year HSPSer specialising in Social Anthropology. I have two black and white cats called Bonnie and Scampie 🙂

Olivia Daly

Non Alcoholic ents

Hi everyone! My name is Olivia, I’m a second year HSPS student and I’m really looking forward to being one of your Non-Alc Ents officers for freshers week! A fun fact about me is that I’m obsessed with cats and I have three cats called Pywacket, Gustav and Basil. Can’t wait to see you all at freshers week xx

Annabelle York


Hi I’m Annabelle, a 2nd year engineer and the Wildcard on this year’s freshers committee. Essentially my job is to help out wherever I’m needed and hopefully get to know lots of you in the process! My fun fact is that the Mistress spilled white wine on me at the end of matriculation dinner