Food is generally very good, usually with 2 meat and 2 vegetarian options daily. All meals are provided apart from on Saturday nights. Food in hall is paid for on your University card. Your food bill is then added to your bill at the start of the next term. The average student’s food bill, if they eat in hall every night, usually comes to around £200 a term. If you’re in town at lunchtime, Girtonians have the option to eat in some other colleges cafeterias without paying guest prices. Just purchase a dining card at the Porter’s Lodge of Clare, Downing or Pembroke Colleges.


Girton has proper kitchens for students to cook in with a kettle, oven with 4 hobs and/or microwave, and fridges. Saturday night (when college doesn’t provide food) usually means cooking night, and communal cook-ups are pretty popular and a great way of getting to know people.


There are washing machines on the bottom corridors (D and A). Tokens are £1.75 and bought from the Plodge with your University card. A normal drying load will cost about 60p, which has to be in 20p’s for the dryers in college, so start saving them up now! There are some drying racks you can borrow as well.


The lovely people who clean our rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and corridors. If you don’t want to be disturbed too early in the morning by someone emptying your bin, leave it outside your room when you go to bed.


Girton students have access to a wealth of material both in the libraries within college itself and also at Wolfson Court. For information about libraries, visit here!


Girton has its own chapel within the main college building and regular services and concerts are held there every week. Many of these services are non-denominational, and the chapel and the college chaplain are available to students of all faiths and to those of none. Within the chapel itself, there is a ‘prayer corner’ set aside for private prayer which is always open to students, no matter what their faith. The Chapel Box Room is also available and can be booked by students for spiritual use. There is also a University Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Centre at Merton Hall Farmhouse on Madingley Road, which is available to all Girton students.

There are also a number of dedicated worship spaces in town that cater for practitioners of the major world religions and there are a number of university-wide faith communities/societies. For more information, please contact


The JCR Common Room is located on the JCR corridor, and is a great place to chill on a big sofa, read the paper or watch TV. There are also X-Box games, and this is the venue of choice for communal TV-watching and film nights. There will be plenty happening in the JCR during Freshers’ Week, more details will be given when you arrive.


Deep underground, Girton Bar is cosy and atmospheric. There’s a pool table and dart board, as well as Sky TV, not to mention many a friendly Girtonian to be found. The bar is especially popular during sports matches and ‘Underground’ DJ nights.

Gym and Sport Pitches

Recently refurbished, the gym has free weights, a few machines and a cross trainer. You need to be a subscribing member of gym society to use it, but at only £5 a term it’s really popular. Girton is one of the few colleges with sports pitches on site. Girton also boasts tennis and squash courts, as well as an indoor swimming pool (open 7am-8pm daily).


Rooms in college and Wolfson Court are all given a grade so that the rooms are fairly distributed each year. Most 1st years will have A or B grade rooms which are the smallest rooms. Your room will have about 4 plug sockets, a desk light and should have plenty of storage space. Any problems with your room, such as needing a new light bulb or broken furniture, should be reported to the Porters. If you are missing a piece of furniture then report it to House Services who will be able to replace it for you. Their office is located on A corridor just along from the Nurses’ Office.

Other Stuff

There are also plenty of other rooms that are free for students to use, including reading rooms and meeting rooms. Other facilities include a darkroom, a stage in the Old Hall, music practice rooms and two computer rooms (on B & F corridors). Each computer room is equipped with printers and a scanner. Printer credit for the PWF-network computers (most computers found across the colleges and faculties) is payable by credit or debit card through an online account.

Ash Court

Ash Court is our new accommodation block. There are 50 new rooms, and also a new gym, sporting facilities and a beer garden. The whole building is really eco-friendly, with ground source heating and solar panels, but also fits in aesthetically with the rest of college. You’re very lucky that you will have the opportunity to live in it during your time at Girton!

Wolfson Court

Wolfson Court, known as Wolfie is Girton’s annexe closer to town and is where the vast majority of 2nd years and graduates live. As a first year you might have supervisions here, but you’ll probably know it best for its fine cafeteria. It’s a great place to go for lunch (you can use your University card to pay) and you get to see where many of the second years live. During Freshers’ Week there’ll be bike tours which will take you to all the useful places in town, including Wolfie.