Congratulations! You’ve got your place, you’ve got your exam results, and you’re now a member of Girton College. Scroll down from the Freshers icon above for information on what to bring, welfare, the lingo and your up and coming Freshers’ Week. Also, keep an eye out for the Girton Freshers’ Facebook page that will be set up and in full force throughout your time at college.

Welcome to the next three (or more) years.


Dave Harrison, Freshers’ President

A bit about Girton

Founded in 1869, Girton was the trailblazer for higher education for women. Girton was the first higher education establishment for women in the UK. Women were not awarded degrees until 1947 – an important event in the history of Girton, and of women‟s rights, which is honoured in the graduation feast in the 3rd year of study. The college went mixed sex in 1979, and it is now the very beautiful home of one of the most mixed undergraduate populations in Cambridge with an almost exact 50-50 gender split.

We are around 2½ miles from the town centre, but this means that we are set in about 50 acres of grounds which include all our own sports pitches, gorgeous gardens and our own swimming pool, as well as keeping the tourist-packed centre of town at a safe distance. Also, being a little further from town gives Girton (the third largest college in Cambridge) the fantastic community feeling associated with smaller colleges, and means that we have some of the most active college societies and sports teams in the University.

Welcome to a college with a proud history of inclusiveness, equality and community spirit!

A message from the JCR president:

Congratulations on being accepted into Girton and to Cambridge!

What is the Girton JCR?
Girton JCR is basically the students’ union for Girton only. The JCR tackles issues around the College such as getting free squash and table tennis at Girton, improving food in the cafeteria, and fixing the pool. Girton JCR also organises parties and events for students such as Undergrounds, massages during exam term, and the annual Garden Party.

Throughout the year the Girton JCR is your port of call if you would like any help or information. We are an entire team designated to representing your interests to the College, in all aspects of College life.

When you arrive

Most Freshers will arrive on the Saturday before term starts (term dates). Try to get to Girton early, preferably before 4pm to give you time to settle in before the evening. If you will be arriving early, or have any difficulties making the move-in day please drop us an email, so we can get someone to meet you and get you involved in Freshers’ Week! When you first get to college, you will be directed towards the Stanley Library where a friendly Freshers’ Committee member will show you to your room, and possibly give you a brief tour around college. The most important thing on any tour will be the Porters’ Lodge, where the Porters are always happy to point a lost Fresher in the right direction. If you have any questions and can’t find a friendly Freshers’ Committee member to ask, the Porters will probably know the answer, so get to know them!

After you have unpacked, you can go down to the JCR Common Room where you can meet other Freshers, and where members of the Freshers’ Committee will be if you have any questions to ask. There will be tea, coffee and refreshments served for Parents & Guardians in the Great Hall; giving them a chance to rest up after lugging all of your stuff up to college and giving you a chance to mix with other Freshers and get used to the place!

Dinner will be available in the Great Hall from 6-7:30pm – you should be able to pay on your new UniWare card, which you will receive when you arrive, but bring some cash too, just in case. Afterwards, at 8pm there’s a chance to meet the Freshers’ Committee and the JCR (the college student body) in the Stanley library before either chilling out in the JCR common room or heading down to the bar for more music and meeting new people. The bar only accepts cash, so that’s another reason to ensure you have some when you arrive.