A message from the Freshers’ President

Congratulations! You’ve got your place, you’ve got your exam results, and you’re now a member of Girton College. Scroll down from the Freshers icon above for information on what to bring, welfare, the lingo and your up and coming Freshers’ Week. Also, keep an eye out for the Girton Freshers’ Facebook page that will be set up and in full force throughout your time at college.

Welcome to the next three (or more) years!

To meet your Freshers’ Committee, click the button below:

Freshers' Committee

Life at Girton

As a student at Girton, the College is set up to help you best make the most of your social and day-to-day life life..

Academic work

Cambridge, as one of the world’s leading universities, is challenging and rewarding in equal measurers. We’ll give you tips on how to make the most of it from the very start.

Getting to town

Girton’s only a “little” distance from town, but it’s easy to get to, with buses and our very own cycle rep, to help you out.

Cambridge Lingo

Ents, Triposes, swaps: Cambridge is full of odd phrases passed down over generations. Luckily, we’ve provided a mini-dictionary.


Cambridge is great, but it can be a lot: the JCR provides welfare services at easy access and no cost, to keep you going.

What to bring

You’re coming to university for the first time: we’ll take away the stress of not knowing what you need.