Sports Results: Lent Term 2017

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The 1s Football team have shown incredible skill and talent by winning every single league match this term, placing them firmly in first place in the College Football CUAFL Premier League, even beating a team with 9 players that play at University level. The 2s Football team have experienced similar success, with their regular remarkable performances leading them all the way to the Cup final where they unfortunately lost to Fitzwilliam. With regards to Rugby, despite a consistently fantastic performance by the Girton boys throughout the league, St. John’s unfortunately managed to get ahead at the semi-finals. Truly an impressive show!

Furthermore, the rowers have also performed exceedingly well this term, with M1 and M2 bumping up three and two places respectively. W1, despite coming across a slight blip and being bumped down managed to work their way back up to their original position. A strong effort from all.