Thinking of applying?

Applying to Cambridge is exciting and daunting in equal measure, so we’ve collated a set of resources to help you out.

Girton College

Girton College Application Guidance

The College have their very own guide, advising on how to apply to the University (and Girton itself). When applying to study at Girton College, you apply to the University of Cambridge, and then choose Girton College (Campus Code: G) in UCAS as your “campus”.

University of Cambridge

University Application Guidance

The University provides their own guidance, which is extremely thorough, and includes explanations of any exams or forms required.

The JCR’s Alternative Prospectus

Alternative Prospectus

Want to get beyond all the UCAS technicalities, and understand undergraduate life from the inside? Here’s your opportunity, with Girton College JCR’s very own Alternative Prospectus.