Wolfson Court (commonly known as ‘Wolfie’) is the modern annexe located on Clarkson Road, close to the University Library. Wolfie is home to over two thirds of second year students, a number of third years, and the majority of the grad students. It is very conveniently situated between Girton and the town centre, with a ten minute to cycle to college and a five to ten minute walk into town through St. John’s. As well as being very close to the University Library, it is an easy walk or short cycle to the Sidgwick Site, where most of the arts lectures are held, and it is just next door to the Centre for Mathematical Sciences.

Wolfie has a great cafeteria, its own library (which includes the college’s Law Library), a computer room, a laundry, a bar/TV room and supervision rooms. There’s also the Airport Lounge (you’ll understand when you see it) which is always well stocked with newspapers. It’s a great place to live if you fancy being a bit more central for a year or so, and while it may not boast the architectural glory of the main college, the convenience of being so close to town, the great food and the facilities make up for it.