Girton College is home to 550 undergraduate students, and is the only college to have 50/50 split between males and females. This is due to our history: we were the first College to offer education to women, established back in 1869. The college became mixed in 1977, but still retains its history as a pioneer for women’s education.

College atmosphere

We are one of the biggest colleges, but that hasn’t stopped us from having one of the strongest sense of community in Cambridge. Because we are out of town, the majority of Girtonians socialise within the College to a greater extent than at most other colleges, creating a distinctive – even cosy – atmosphere that is famous throughout Cambridge. We are one of the only colleges where it’s hard to tell the difference between the yeargroups: 1st, 2nd and 3rd years mix and blend together, whether at meals or going out. We even live on corridors shared between all the years, rather than having the segregated staircase system in place at many other colleges. It’s a common sight to see groups of 3 of 4 different yeargroups dancing together in a club, or even skiing together on the Varsity Ski trip.

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What is the Girton JCR?

Girton JCR is basically the students’ union for Girton only. The JCR tackles issues around the College such as getting free squash and table tennis at Girton, improving food in the cafeteria, and fixing the pool. Girton JCR also organises parties and events for students such as Undergrounds, massages during exam term, and the annual Garden Party.

Throughout the year the Girton JCR is your port of call if you would like any help or information. We are an entire team designated to representing your interests to the College, in all aspects of College life.